Next Meeting: Wednesday 12th December 2018 at 9.30am Perranuthnoe Church and Church Rooms

Typical Art & Spirituality Day:

Venue: Perranuthnoe Church & Church Room
Dates: Second Wednesday of most months
Further information from:
E:     Mob: 07804 172412
9.30am – tea/coffee available in Church
10.00am  – morning session
                – our ‘sacred space’ time together
                – introduction and readings around theme
                – creative time
12.00noon – bring & share lunch in the Church Room
1.00pm – afternoon session
2.30pm – sharing and reflecting on the day
3.00pm – close & packing away.


A taste of what we get up to…….
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REVIEW: Art & Spirituality Day – Wednesday 14 February 2018

As our Art day fell on what is both Valentines’ Day and Ash Wednesday we explored “Aspects of Love”. We started with Sacred Space time to look at four “aspects” of Love! Courtesy of the Greeks!

“LOVE” – one word, several meanings!
The word ‘love’ in western culture typically pertains to romantic love, deep feelings of affection or pleasure. We might ‘fall in love’;  we might love a family pet; we might love chocolate. In English, all these emotions are covered by the same word. However, instinctively we know that love has different aspects and lumping this rich tapestry of human experience under one heading is not particularly helpful. Ancient Greek, however, has four distinct words for love, each with a different meaning which help us to more fully understand love in all its aspects.

Agape love can best be understood through the action it prompts; by what it does rather than by what it feels. It is driven by an act of will; a deliberate choice. Agape love is sacrificial, related to obedience and commitment. It is the deep compassion which prompts us to help those in need in our community and beyond

Phileo love is the deep loyalty we have for family members and close friends. The word implies a deep emotional attachment. The difference between agape and phileo is that you can make a deliberate choice to love (agape) your enemies, but you cannot necessarily feel phileo (deep, loyal friendship) for them.

Storge love is akin to phileo love but is more strongly associated with family ties. Storge is the tie that naturally occurs between a parent and a child, it can also exist between siblings, and between husband and wife in a strong marriage.

Eros, refers to mutual relationships expressed through human sexuality.

Photos from the day…..



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