The Diocese of Truro (alongside many Diocese in the Church of England) is engaged in a major review at present called ‘On The Way’.  The rationale behind ‘On The Way’ is to present a balanced budget for the Diocese in 2023.  This will lead to the reduction of stipendiary clergy (ie full time Vicars).

A large number of consultations have taken place and are currently taking place throughout the 27 parishes in the Deanery of Penwith.  Please read below the papers presented and resulting from these, together with articles from other sources which has lead to the setting up of ‘Save The Parish’ campaign (If you would like to join this campaign please press on the link below).

Dear All,

It is obvious to everyone in Penwith that the Parish-Church-as-we-know-it is under threat.  We are told that under current rates of payment of Parish Share contributions over the 27 parishes of Penwith Deanery from 2023 we will only be able to ‘afford’ 5 stipendiary priests instead of the current 11.5 posts.  This will dramatically alter the offering of the Churches and their service to the Parishes.

There is now a nationwide campaign just been launched to ‘Save The Parish’.  It’s target is to keep the Parish Church intact, whilst calling for a major reduction in the number of bishops, archdeacons, and Diocesan and National Church bureaucracy. When you go on this link: you will first be asked to join General Synod (you may or may not like to do that) but if you scroll down there is also a letter to read and if you agree with it please sign up for this campaign.

The attached documents below explain the context of the bigger picture in the Church of England (of which we are only experiencing the brunt at the sharp end in this current time of Reorganisation) and that is the plan to create 10,000 new lay-led churches and where stipendiary clergy are regarded as ‘limiting factors’.  You can read the voice of many caring clergy as a result of this announcement that they are regarded as now ‘limiting factors’ by the hierarchy of the Church.  I fully support this letter at the end of this attachment.

Best wishes,


The articles/papers are presented in date order first (with the most recent at the top of the list).

New Wine Lay Leadership

Archbishops Lament Shortfall in Face Of Lay-Offs – Daily Telegraph newspaper article

Archbishops Council Response to Daily Telegraph newspaper article

‘The Church Is Abandoning Its Flock’ – Daily Telegraph newspaper article

Penwith Deanery – MMF Spreadsheet1

Penwith Deanery – MMF Spreadsheet2

On The Way – Second Benefice Meeting – Current Ministry Deployment

On The Way – Second Benefice Meeting – Focus Group

On The Way – Second Benefice Meeting – Initial Building Survey

On The Way – Second Benefice Meeting – Worship Survey

Becoming a Missional Church

Models of Church Ministry

On The Way – Penwith Deanery Map

On The Way – Second Benefice Meeting Briefing Paper

Below are various documents which explain the process.

On the Way Bishops’ Letter

On the Way Process for Penwith Deanery

What is “Fruitfulness and Sustainability”?

Rules for the Road

The Saints’ Way

If you have any questions, please speak to a member of the Benefice clergy.